Monday, November 21, 2011

Video Making Process

To put a video piece together is very time consuming and requires a great deal of dedication to it. Every single thing that is shown is carefully thought about and planned. When I first found the story I wanted to do I pictured everything in my head and how it would play out. Most of what I wanted I did.
The sound recording process was all new for me and I really enjoyed it but had no idea how carefully thought out everything is put together. When I first had my sound piece put together it was more than 4 min, after I finished my whole project it was cut down to about 2 min. Voice and music have to be carefully chosen and put together because then it won't make sense or the music can overpower the voice or vice versa.
This part I can say was the most difficult for me, choosing music that went with my interviewer’s voice and tempo. As I was trying to piece the two together most of what I had in my original sound piece didn't seem as important to me as it had when I had no music. And I hadn't planned on changing as much as I had, but after I thought it was necessary.
Putting the images together wasn't as difficult for me as the sound was. I had already known what I wanted but when it came down to adding the visuals with the sounds I didn't have enough visual information. I had to show the pictures and videos with the right tempo as the music and time them to work with the whole piece and make sense with the story. I thought my piece was long in the beginning but now I think it's short but everything was pieced together to fit where I thought it should. As I listen to it now the only thing I would change is to make the ending last just a tiny bit longer. I am happy with my piece and it has pushed me to think more carefully about my future projects.
I do look at the whole film making process differently now, because I actually did it but I enjoyed it and appreciate everything about it much more.

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